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Proper Vegan Gumbo (with Okara Andouille Sausage)

This vegan gumbo is a meatless take on the classic Cajun chicken-and-Andouille version. No beans or other stuff that never belongs in gumbo!

3-Ingredient One Pot Vegan Pesto Pasta

Only 3 ingredients are needed for this one pot pesto pasta. Doubles, triples, etc. easily! Perfect for a weeknight meal or quick meal prep.

Vegan Jungle Curry (Kaeng Pa) — No Coconut Milk

Want to make curry but stuck without coconut milk? Kaeng pa got your back. This is a Thai vegan jungle curry which is naturally coconut-free.

Cooking with White Wine: Dandelion Risotto Recipe

I know, dandelion greens don’t seem very appetizing, but I was surprised at how nice they tasted in this dandelion risotto with white wine.

Shine Muscat Grapes — Most Expensive Grapes Ever?

Here in Canada, shine muscat grapes are 10× more expensive than green grapes — not an exaggeration — so I bought some to see if they’re worth it.

Simple Vegan Soda Bread with Fennel Seed

This barebones vegan soda bread recipe can be made with soy milk, coconut milk, or others. The addition of fennel seeds adds a pop of flavour.